Relief CBD Drops

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Three of nature's most powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients, rolled into one. Combined to compound their powers for next level relief. (1 + 1 > 2). 

Designed with Ingredients that target Inflammation and its symptoms

10ml | 500mg CBD Oil (5%)

4-8 Drops under the tongue - 1-3x daily 

Please see our dosing guide

Broad Spectrum CBD, Turmeric Extract, Black Pepper Extract (15-20% Piperine, 25% β-caryophyllene), Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Oil

We test our products for cannabinoid content as well as other physiologically active ingredeints (such as terpenes) to ensure our customers are getting a product that not ony works, but works well. 

We aim to keep THC well below legal thresholds, as well as provide a full and balalnced mix of therapeutic cannabinoids not limited to CBD. 

We also test for heavy metals, to ensure our products are free from contamination. 

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Relief CBD Drops

CBD oil drops for pain

How It Works

Inflammation can manifest as many different symptoms in the body, disrupting healthy harmony. It’s almost always a contributing culprit behind pain, anxiety and sleep problems. 

In addition to CBD, both Black Pepper and Turmeric contain compounds which target the bodies endocannabinoid system to reduce inflammation. CBD, Β-caryophyllene and Curcumin are all compounds which interact with cannabinoid receptors to control the bodies immune system, reduce levels of inflammation and the symptoms it drives. 

Combining these ingredients results in an entourage effect, which basically means their anti-inflammatory properties are amplified exponentially when they are taken together. 

CBD oil Drops for Pain

What's It Good For?

Restless, unrefreshing sleep, as well as an overly active and agitated mind. Mild aches and soreness

  • Promoting healthy mood and cognition by addressing inflammation
  • Addressing aches and minor discomfort
  • Supporting healthy sleep

product faq

CBD drops can be used anytime of day or night, and are simply taken by administering a few drops under the tongue. Keep them there for a couple of minutes without swallowing, so that they can be effectively absorbed.

It really depends on why you are using them and what you aim to get out of them. Check out our dosing guide to figure those things out.

CBD oil is used just like it is for any other purpose, only perhaps with a slightly higher dose. CBD oil can be used to address pain when it flares up, or used throughout the day or night to prevent pain from flaring up too much in the first place. To figure out an appropriate dosage, start with lower doses and work your way up until you find doses that provide relief.

According to some studies, yes CBD oil does provide some pain relief. However, the effect is more profound when it is combined with THC.

It may vary between individuals, but CBD oil generally takes 20-40 minutes to take effect.

There is no set dosage, but usually higher doses are more effective. Check out our dosing guide for more info.

There is no set dosage for migraines, and doses can vary based on two different people who may both suffer from migraines. The best way to establish what your dose would be to help with migraines is refer to our dosing guide.

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