Gaia Wholesale CBD

Welcome to the Gaia family!

You can now purchase your kits directly off us, and also enjoy discounts on other products offered on our website.

If you are a newly qualified therapist, start by placing your order for the massage therapy kit. This includes a 60ml Muscle Balm, 100ml Warming Oil and 250ml Original Oil.

Upon your second order you can buy the above items individually as a top-up as well as the full kit.

Therapists who have already qualified with us can order kits and/or individual top-up items from the massage therapy kit straight away. Just add the individual products you want and checkout.

In order to receive your trade discount on our massage products, you need to enter the code ‘massageguru’ at checkout. This gives you 27% off the RRP for the Full Kit, 60ml Muscle Balm, 100ml Warming Oil and 250ml Original Oil. 

We are also offering you 20% off all of our other products including capsules, oral drops, balms and T-shirts. In order to get this discount, you can also apply the code ‘gaiagoodies’

You can use both of the codes at the same time, but the discounts will only be applied to their respective products. So applying both at the same time doesn’t give 47% off the total, just 27% for your kit items and 20% for everything else.

1. Add items to cart and t checkout, where it says coupon code, enter ‘massageguru’ and hit apply coupon.
2. You will see the 27% discount applied to the order total. Make sure to also select free shipping on your order.

3. If ordering other products as well as kit items, just punch in the code ‘gaiagoodies’ to receive your 20% discount off those products as well. You will see two separate discounts have been applied.


How do I use my code?

Your wholesale discount code is strictly for your use only. Use this to stock up on the massage therapy kit, and other products.

Is there a minimum order quantity for wholesale?

To receive wholesale discounts across the site, we ask for a minimum order from you of £40 (which is enough allowance to top up on individual kit items).

Who can I contact about my wholesale account?

Please direct all enquiries to and one of our team will get back to you.

What products can I buy?

You can buy any product on our website with your wholesale code, including our t-shirts, oral drops and capsules.

What products can I use in my Urban bookings?

You can use the CBD massage therapy kit items as usual. However, oral drops and capsules are for personal use only and must not be used in your Urban bookings.