about - gaia gura

let the earth be your teacher

Gaia Guru is a testament to the wisdom of the Earth and what it can teach us about health and wellbeing – hence the name Earth Teacher.

James, Rory and Jake founded Gaia Guru based on their own personal challenges living with OCD, anxiety and ADD, as a way to find solutions for these problems. They found that CBD provided some respite for these problems, but wanted to take it further.

Fascinated by CBD, Rory conducted research into CBD and cannabinoids for Type II diabetes as part of an MSc in Nutritional Biochemistry, which led to delving deeper down the rabbit hole to the many other applications that CBD has for supporting health and wellbeing.

Gaia Guru is a movement centred around CBD, but extends far beyond that into the incorporation of nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, herbs and lifestyle practices that constitute physical and mental health and happiness.

Our goal is to help likeminded individuals work, perform and socialise more consciously, in a way that doesn’t lead to compromising on health and burning out.

We aim to meet people where they are at with their health, and help them with products and content that is tailored to their health needs right now, which also evolves alongside them as they move onto working on other aspects of their health.