CBD Gummies: Uses, Benefits and Dosage

CBD Gummies: Everything You Need To Know


What Are CBD Gummies 

Gummies have become a popular way to enjoy CBD, because they are easy, fun and delicious to use. Many nutritional supplements also come in the form of a gummy, as it can be a more appealing way to enjoy the health benefits of CBD, rather than taking capsules or drops. 

CBD gummies are simply a combination of gelatin (vegan), sugars and natural flavors such as apple, berry and pineapple as well as the key ingredient which of course is CBD. Most often it will be a broad spectrum CBD, which is better than a CBD isolate. Find out why here

Benefits of CBD Gummies

The benefits of CBD gummies are essentially the same as the general benefits of CBD. However, the effects of CBD gummies are slightly different than for CBD oral drops and topical CBD. 

Essentially, when CBD is eaten and passes through the digestive system, it is modified by its interaction with the liver before it is able to pass into the bloodstream. This way, CBD is broken down into various other forms of CBD, which potentially have more pronounced and lengthy effects than its original form, which is why edible CBD tends to have a longer duration, and according to some people, more pronounced effects. 

In contrast, oral drops enter the bloodstream straight away after being applied under the tongue. The result is that the CBD starts to work very quickly, and can interact with cells and tissues with great speed. However, the effects don’t tend to last as long, as a large amount of the CBD is used quickly before being modified into a CBD variation in the liver. 

You can read more about how ingesting CBD orally in capsule form (or gummy) is different from taking oral drops in more detail here

So basically, as an edible form of CBD, gummies can have a longer duration of effect due to their passing through the digestive system. 

Taste, Portability and Dosing

Few people enjoy the earthy taste of CBD (personally I am a fan), which is very apparent with things like oral drops. The great thing about gummies is that they mask the taste of broad spectrum CBD, which combines with the fruity flavors into something delicious and subtle. Having gummies of different flavors makes taking CBD a real treat. 

Another great thing about gummies is the ease of dosing. It can be hard to keep track and measure with precision the doses of oral drops. However, with gummies each one is a set dose, so you can simply keep track of how many gummies you want to eat/have eaten in order to track the overall amount of CBD in mg. 

Gummies are easy to pop on the go, when out and about. Sometimes it’s weird and awkward pulling out oral drops when on the bus or train, or even if you are walking somewhere. With gummies, it takes the headache of difficult delivery away (and they may help with actual headaches too). 

Uses of CBD Gummies

The use cases for CBD gummies are exactly the same as for CBD capsules and CBD oral drops. However, some people like to use gummies for particular uses based on their own personal preference. 

CBD gummies can be dosed very easily. Some people like to use CBD gummies for pain for this reason, as the dose can easily be tracked (per gummy), as a go to dose for relieving their discomfort. The relief also tends to last longer, since the CBD is ingested. Although, this is not the case for everyone as some people get better results with drops. It all depends on the individual. 

Lots of people I talk to say they love using CBD gummies for sleep. I mean, who wouldn’t like eating a sweet treat that also helps them sleep? In the same way that some people like taking CBD gummies for pain, ingesting the CBD prolongs the effects, allowing CBD to have a longer lasting impact on regulating sleep duration and sleep quality. Plus, once again they are easy to dose, so this makes it better for getting consistent and measured results. The only disadvantage to CBD gummies for sleep would be if someone wakes up in the middle of the night, and wants a fast acting CBD delivery method to help them get back to sleep quickly. In this case, CBD oral drops or a CBD vape would be the best option. 

Using CBD gummies for anxiety is perhaps one of the most popular use cases for them. Having some gummies handy in case anxiety crops up is often super handy, especially when out and about, socializing or at work. Plus no one is the wiser to you taking CBD when it's in a gummy, unlike oral drops which are sometimes a bit of a pain to use when out and about, on the move. Some people like to take CBD gummies for anxiety prophylactically, before anxiety actually occurs if they anticipate a particularly stressful day ahead, or just want to insure against any unexpected anxiety triggers. Again, gummies offer longer lasting effects that can help keep anxiety at bay. 

Inflammation is a pretty broad occurrence. It’s a physiological process behind many health conditions that can drive them forward and propagate the symptoms related to them. Using CBD gummies for inflammation is a non-specific way of generally keeping levels of inflammation down, although as we will cover there are times where gummies may not be the most suitable way of taking CBD for inflammation. 

When Not To Use CBD Gummies

There are times where using CBD oral drops or CBD capsules would be preferable to using CBD gummies. This is in the case of using CBD for certain health conditions and diseases. 

CBD has some complimentary effects for conditions such as diabetes. Even though (our) CBD gummies contain low levels of sugar, it is essential that any added sugar is effectively managed if trying to keep control of diabetes. 

Taking CBD in a form which also contains sugar is counterintuitive to its intended purpose, especially for diabetes. 

The same is true for any person who is taking CBD for cancer, autoimmune conditions, and inflammatory conditions. Sugar is not helpful for these conditions, and in the case of cancer, sugar is part of the problem. Sugar can also drive inflammation, so this goes against one of CBD’s leading use cases. 

Anyone using CBD for digestive disorders which involve some sort of microbial imbalance in the digestive system would be better off using CBD capsules, as sugar can perpetuate microbial imbalances that underlie some digestive symptoms. 

Generally, unless kids have health conditions to which CBD could significantly benefit then, the use of CBD is generally not advised. Its uncertain how cannabinoids like CBD may affect a kid’s developing brain, so caution is advised until the research is more assured. Who knows, CBD could be beneficial, but it also may not be, and be a hindrance. But we need to wait and see before making any moves. So, using CBD gummies for kids should be a decision that is handled by a doctor, if there is a genuine medical benefit for doing so. 

CBD Gummies Dosage - How Many Should I Take?

It’s really up to you. The FSA recommends that each individual takes no more than 70mg CBD/day, so that’s around 3 gummies. 

However, everyone has different requirements and may be managing certain conditions or needs that require more or less of a dose. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying CBD Gummies

Before you choose gummies, ask yourself what you are wanting to use the gummies for. Do you need to use them for a serious condition? If yes then its best to choose capsules instead. 

How long do you want the effects of CBD to last and how long do you want to wait for the effects to kick in?

If it's a short onset and short duration then choose oral drops. If not, then use gummies or capsules. 

How Do CBD Gummies Work 

CBD gummies work by providing a tasty medium to deliver broad spectrum CBD. They are ingested, so have to pass through the digestive system before they are absorbed through the intestine, and metabolized by the liver. 

The CBD is converted into 7-OH-CBD and other CBD metabolites, which then are distributed throughout the body in the bloodstream to various cells, tissues and organs where they act on the endocannabinoid system, with cannabinoid receptors and other receptors related to pain, mood, inflammation and sleep. 

This means that gummies are a good way of delivering CBD into the body, for widespread effects for numerous use cases. 

Our CBD Gummies

Why does Gaia Guru have some of the best CBD gummies? 

We love our gummies because they are packed full of broad spectrum CBD (25mg), as well as a small amount of CBG as well which works in tandem to help the CBD act more effectively on the Endocannabinoid System. 

They come in three delicious fruit flavors, and maintain a sweet taste without excessive amounts of sugar. They are easy to take, and can be enjoyed at any time during the day. 

Unlike THC gummies, these will not produce a psychoactive effect. So no worries, they are good vibes only.